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Rehabilitation to Relaxation

1st Massage with Us $65

Don't worry if you don't know what to ask for. 

If you're not coming in specifically for an auto accident or work injury...

It's easy. We have a "1st Massage with Us" trial offer.  

All Essential Balance massages are designed for you. 

Your therapist will listen to you and your body and pull from their unique skill set to customize your massage. 

Schedule your first appointment and we'll take care of the rest.

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Work Injury or Auto Accident?

We specialize in Medical & Therapeutic Massage for Work Injuries and Auto Accidents.

 Most insurances are accepted. 

HSA & FSA Approved

Medical Massage must be prescribed by your Doctor. 

Contact Us to Find Out More.

Computerized Postural Balance Evaluation

Frozen Shoulder? Poor Posture? Tired of pain? We can help you with your postural and pain problems. 

Let us assess and identify your individual concerns and address them with a specific plan. 

Schedule a Computerized Personal Postural Balance Evaluation.      

Sports Massage PLUS+

Sports Massage is often used before & after an event in order to enhance an athlete's performance or to assist in recovery from a strenuous activity.  Our focus is on performance, injury prevention & recovery. The massage can be vigorous & include mild assisted stretching.

Add our exclusive Sports Performance Cream at no additional cost. 

Get those muscles pumping for action & recovery. 

Let us help you stay at the top of your game. 

Ask about our Elite Athlete Program!

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Essential Enhancers

Essential Exclusives

We use only all Natural Oils and Lotions for your service. Our Essential Exclusive Blends are made with 100% pure Therapeutic Grade Certified Organic Essential Oils. They are available for purchase. You can add our Essential Exclusives to your service:

Pain Tamer * Silky Skin 

Sports Performance Plus * Cell-U-los

Natural Elements

You can add a touch of nature to your Massage:

Pink Himalayan Thermal Salt Rocks

Hot & Smooth River Stones

Mu-Xing Warm Wood Wands

Soothing Sticks & Stones

Gentle Palms Paraffin Bath

Salt Serenity

Pink Himalayan Salt Wall at Essential Balance, LLC

Relax and recline surrounded in peaceful pink light emitting from our heated pure Pink Himalayan Salt Wall. As you close your eyes you'll notice natural soothing sounds from nature...ocean waves, a babbling brook, the patter of a rain storm.

Breathe deeply as your body benefits from negative ions supporting your body's immunity and promoting mood boosting and stress relieving effects.

All of our massage rooms are appointed with Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps & we can provide Massage Services utilizing Pink Himalayan Thermal Salt Rocks.

Elite Athlete Program

Do You Participate in Sports?

No Contracts ★ No Auto-Drafts

Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Have a Massage Before or After Your Event

Utilize Massage for Maintenance

Recover From Injury 

List Your Group & Everyone Wins!

Team, League, Gyms or Sports Clubs 10 Members or More

Receive a Discount on Massage!

Register with Essential Balance as a networking link. We will share your group's link on our page for events and notoriety in exchange for a link share to yours.

  • Group of 10-14 gives your group $20 off of regular service pricing.
  • Group of 15-19 gives your group $25 off of regular service pricing.
  • Group of 20 or more gives your group $30 off of regular service pricing.

Do You Own a Gym, Box, Studio or School?

All that is needed to offer your students and faculty the discount is mutual physical location posting.

Health & Beauty Series

Lymphatic Drainage & Myofascial Release Series

Great for...

  • Immune System Building
  • Pre/Post Surgical Health
  • Scar Reduction
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cancer
  • Joint Replacement 

TMJ Jaw Pain Series

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction TMD/TMJ - Most jaw pain comes from muscle or skeletal related issues. 

We treat TMJ/TMD with great success! 

A short series of appointments go in layer by layer to release the causes of TMD. This series should have you feeling better, less if any headaches and eating foods you like in just a few weeks.

Cellulite Reduction Series

Lose that orange peel rippled look of your skin, get smoother softer skin. 

We use our signature Cell-U-Los Cream for your massage.

You can Add Slim Wrap Sessions too.


Natural Products

Take The Path Of Natural Healing

Improve the Quality and Longevity of your Life!


Our exclusive natural products are designed by our Owner and Essential Oil Coach, Dawn Uncapher to target specific concerns. 

Decrease pain, anxiety, tissue soreness, eczema and pamper your baby with our infant line of baby lotions and diaper powder.

Exclusive Essential Balance Products

Essential Balance Essential Oils

Essential Oil Vapes

We carry a full line of all natural and organic Personal Essential Oil & Vitamin Vapes in store. Come get yours today! 

Unique Gifts

Personal Essential Oil Diffusers Make Unique Gifts.

Happy, Sexy, Vibrant, Sleepy, Zen, 

Healthy, Active, Forest, Mountain & Ocean

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Many Clients ask:     

Q: "What is the difference between a Spa Massage and a Medical Massage?"  

A: Medical Massage Practitioners SHOULD be specially trained in medical conditions and contraindications. (Muscle Imbalance, Degenerative Discs, MS, Spinal Cord Injuries, Scar Adhesions, Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage work and more.) Please make sure the person you're working with is Certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner. If they are not, I would not recommend allowing them to work on you for a medical problem.  

Q: We often get asked: "What is Myofascial? 

A: Myofascial is the cottony connective tissue that wraps every cell, organ,  muscle bundle, attaches muscles to bone and skin. Image an orange, peel the skin off. The White tissue is connective tissue. Notice each section is wrapped in the connective tissue. Open the section. Notice each pulp is wrapped in its own connective tissue. That is a perfect example of how connective tissue works in your body.


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